Laghu Yoga Vasishta - English Translation by Abhinanda, K Narayanaswami Aiyer

By Abhinanda, K Narayanaswami Aiyer

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This perishable universe exists only when the mind exists but disappears with the absence of the latter. Therefore the mind should be annihilated. All the host of pains and pleasures which are like mountain fastnesses arise through the mind only. ‟ Desires - „The pack of owls called passion and anger play in the Akasaof Atman during the night of restless desires enveloped with the intense gloom of dire delusion. All my much longed-for, virtuous actions are entirely gnawed away by my desires like a fiddle string by a rat.

Therefore, oh king, cast aside all fears about him on the score of his youth. Munis like me will never direct their minds to dubious matters which will involve persons in pain. It is only men like myself and Vasistha that can really gauge the unfathomable greatness of Rama, who is superior to all If you care for greatness, Dharma (virtues) and fame, then you should hand over to me Rama at once. There is nothing, which truly noble persons withhold from a suppliant. ‟ Hearing these words of Viswamitra, Dasaratha was bewildered and after a Muhurta, breathed the following words in a plaintive tone: My son is very young, being not yet turned sixteen.

A, the General Secretary of the Indian Section T. S. ; as also to Messrs, N. 40 LAGHU YOGA VASISTHA Ramanujacharriar and B. S. Raghuthmacharriar for their kindly suggestions and aid during the progress of this work. K. , Kumbakonam I896 41 LAGHU YOGA VASISTHA LAGHU-YOGA-VASISHTA I. VAIRAGGYA-PRAKARANA Salutations to the Non-Dual Principle - through the three organs (of mind, speech and body) - that is the eternal Jnana (wisdom) Light illuminating (the three worlds) Bhu (earth), Antariksha (intervening space) and Swarga (heaven), as also our hearts and their exteriors and that has manifested itself everywhere as visible forms.

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