Ciba Foundation Symposium - Lactogenic Hormones by G.E.W. & Knight, Julie Wolstenholme

By G.E.W. & Knight, Julie Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–6): J. C. Beck
Chapter 2 contemporary wisdom of the Chemistry of Lactogenic Hormones (pages 7–26): Choh Hao Li
Chapter three The constitution and serve as of Human Placental Lactogen (pages 27–51): Louis M. Sherwood, Stuart Handwerger and William D. McLaurin
Chapter four rules of the Synthesis and liberate of Prolactin (pages 53–82): Robert M. MacLeod and Joyce E. Lehmeyer
Chapter five The Synthesis and Secretion of Placental Lactogen and Pituitary Prolactin (pages 83–110): H. Friesen, C. Belanger, H. Gwyda and P. Hwang
Chapter 6 Molecular organic facets of Prolactin (pages 111–135): Roger W. Turkington
Chapter 7 Physiological and Pathological Secretion of Human Prolactin Studied by means of in vitro Bioassay (pages 137–150): Andrew G. Frantz, David L. Kleinberg and Gordon L. Noel
Chapter eight Use of a Rabbit Mammary Gland Organ tradition procedure to notice Lactogenic job in Blood (pages 151–167): Isabel A. Forsyth
Chapter nine size of Prolactin job in Human Serum by means of the Induction of particular Milk Proteins in vitro: leads to quite a few medical issues (pages 169–196): Roger W. Turkington
Chapter 10 The Concentrations of Human Prolactin in Plasma Measured through Radioimmunoassay: Experimental and Physiological changes (pages 197–206): Gillian D. Bryant and Frederick C. Greenwood
Chapter eleven the discharge of Prolactin and different Peptide Hormones from Human Anterior Pituitary Tissue Cultures (pages 207–224): Theresa M. Siler, L. L. Morgenstern and F. C. Greenwood
Chapter 12 Immunoassay of Human Placental Lactogen: Physiological reviews in common and irregular being pregnant (pages 223–239): William N. Spellacy
Chapter thirteen Morphology of Prolactin Secretion (pages 241–255): J. L. Pastebls
Chapter 14 Secretion of Prolactin and progress Hormone through Adenohypophyses of Rhesus Monkeys in vitro (pages 257–268): Charles S. Nicoll
Chapter 15 Tissue tradition of Human Hypophyses: proof of a particular Prolactin in guy (pages 269–286): J. L. Pasteels
Chapter sixteen Immunofluorescence reports at the Adenohypophysis in being pregnant (pages 287–297): J. Swanson Beck
Chapter 17 at the activities of Prolactin one of the Vertebrates: Is There a standard Denominator? (pages 299–324): Charles S. Nicoll and Howard A. Bern
Chapter 18 Hypothalamic keep watch over of Prolactin Secretion (pages 325–347): Joseph Meites
Chapter 19 Plasma Prolactin task in sufferers with Galactorrhoea After remedy with Psychotropic medications (pages 349–359): M. Apostolakis, S. Kapetanakis, G. Lazos and A. Madena?Pyrgaki
Chapter 20 organic results of Non?Primate Prolactin and Human Placental Lactogen (pages 361–402): E. E. McGarry and J. C. Beck
Chapter 21 Conclusions (pages 403–404): J. C. Beck

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213,197. COLE, R. D. andLr, C. H. DIXON, J. S. and LI, C. H. EHBHABDT, K. (1936) FLORINI,J. , BRBUBR, C. , RINGLEB, I. and BELL, P. H. (1966) Endocrinology79,692. FRIBSRN,H. (1965)Endocrinology76,692. JOSIMOVICH, J. B. and MACLAREN, J. A. (1962) Endocrinology 71,209. K~PLAN, S. L. and GBUMBACH, M. M. (1964)J. Clin. Endocrinol. 6 Metab. w, 80. Chem. 178,459. LI, C. , Corn, R. D. andcovm, M. J. (1g57)J. Biol. Chem. 229,153. LI, C. H. and CUMMINS, J. T. (1958)J. Biol. Chem. 233,73. LI, C. H. and DIXON, J.

M T7A T20D CT32C C5B 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 r38 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 ARG-LEU-GLX-ASX-GLY-SER-ARG-ARG-THR-GLY-G~-ILE-LEU-LYS-GLX-TIIR-TPR-SER-LYS-PHE-ASX-T~-ASX-SER-HIS- TABIBII continued L O U I S M. S H E R W O O D 36 et al. The reaction of HPL with cyanogen bromide resulted in 95 per cent cleavage of the native molecule. After separation of the Gagments on Sephadex G s o (Fig. I), a small amount of unreacted hormone appeared at the void volume, followed by two major fractions absorbing at 280 nm (C5 and C7) and two fractions (C8 and C9) detectable only after alkaline hydrolysis.

One gramme of solid cyanogen bromide (Eastman Chemical) was added and incubated at 25°C in a sealed container with gentle stirring for six hours. The:reaction was stopped by diluting the sample with distilled water and freeze-drying. To measure the extent of reaction, an aliquot of the reaction mixture was oxidized with performic acid and subjected to amino acid analysis following acid hydrolysis, to calculate the content of unreacted methionine as methionine sulphone. The peptides were separated on a column of Sephadex G s o (200x 2- 5 cm) using ow ISM-acetic acid and the eluted peptides were analysed by optical density at 280 nm and at 570 nm after alkaline hydrolysis and reaction with ninhydrin.

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