Kriya Yoga by Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta

By Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta

For a long time and a while Kriya were the shield of ascetics and saints who often lived clear of human society. The process was once so hugely esteemed and chance of attainments via devotedly adopting it that the early masters notion just a very pick out and deserving few may be initiated into it lest the approach was once wrongly practiced and utilized for earthly earnings or lest the price-less procedure was once by any means tampered with or misinterpreted. Many sound non secular and religious teachings were came upon to were become unwelcome banal and vulgar positive aspects and decayed within the lengthy background of India’s religious efforts as a result of indiscriminate broadcasting of the lessons. The inflexible angle of the early experts of Kriya Yoga, no matter if apparently uncalled for and slender this day, stored the procedure from getting tarnished, debased and deviated from like many different precious non secular teachings. The above barrier used to be, despite the fact that, breached with the arrival of Shyama Charan Lahiri at the scene, in the direction of the center of the final century, in 1861 to be particular. It was once Lahiri Mahasaya’s large-hearted kindness and unbounded loving attention for his fellow worldly women and men that wrought the miracle. His ardent prayers to his Guru eventually softened the Guru and “the ice” used to be melted. He was once allowed by way of his god-man Guru to begin deserving and devotedly wanting individuals, even a householder, into the secrets and techniques of Kriya. therefore it was once Shyama Charan who turned the fountain resource of Kriya that unfold steadily in the course of the kingdom and in another country. Kriya performers could never forget the ever-kind Lahiri Mahasaya for his munificence during this admire and worship his reminiscence of their middle of hearts.

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By diving deeper into the buzzing sound like that of black-bees the Yoga performer gets elevated into the next Chakra, the Svadhishthān, which is the seat of Jala Tattva, when the sound becomes clearer and finer appearing like a note from the flute (Vanshi Dhvani). Svādhishthan, the seat of Jala Tattva, is represented in the story as Nakula. As the emanating sound becomes more clear (Sughosha) the clearer sound has been considered and given the name Sughosha. The quality of concentration improves dispelling the confusion of the earlier stage.

VI, 2) After detailing how a Yogi acts, behaves and feels, the Gita then lays down the methods of performances for attaining Yoga. In fact the twenty two verses of this chapter beginning with the eleventh may be said to be out and out Yoga instructions. These are so straight forward that they do not need much elaboration and may as well be quoted straight. " (VI, 11 & 12) Selection of a suitable place for practising Yoga is important. Directions of the Gita in this respect as given above, have to be considered in their proper perspective.

This is the sign of reaching the Vishuddha Chakra, the seat of Vyoma Tattva, in the region of the Shushumnā opposite the throat. At this stage all the attributes of the 'being' are overcome and Asamprajnāta Samādhi is attained. This stage of true concentration is represented as the eldest Pāndava, Yudhishthir. ' It may be recalled that aspirants after Yoga, almost invariably in every case, are seized with despondency at some early stage of his efforts when it is realised that further progress in higher stages of Yoga would require overcoming of all desires, good bad or indifferent, and suppression of the senses.

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