Kettlebell conditioning : 4-phase bobybell training system by Paul Collins

By Paul Collins

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2010 10:58 Uhr Seite 61 STAGE 1: GENERAL KETTLEBELL STRENGTH EXERCISES 39. Triceps Extension – 3: Double KB Start Mid-point Description • Start in an upright standing position with feet shoulder-width apart and both arms extended vertically, gripping KBs with knuckles facing backwards • Apply the 3Bs Principle™ • Breathe in as you bend the elbows and lower both arms until the forearms descend just past parallel to the ground, behind your head • Breathe out as you raise the KBs back up to the vertical starting position to complete one repetition • Ensure strong abdominal bracing at all times to avoid lower back arching – adjust accordingly Note: This exercise can also be performed seated on a flat weight bench or fitness ball or standing in a forward lunge position.

2010 10:58 Uhr Seite 35 STAGE 1: GENERAL KETTLEBELL STRENGTH EXERCISES BACK The following exercises target both the back and arm muscles. Exercises include movement through the shoulder blades, shoulder girdle, elbow and wrist joints. The primary muscles used include: • Trapezius – Upper portion of the back, sometimes referred to as “traps” (upper trapezius), this is the muscle running from the back of the neck to the shoulder. • Latissimus dorsi – Large muscles of the mid-back. When properly trained, they give the back a nice V shape, making the waist appear smaller.

35. Triceps Kickbacks – 1 Start Mid-point Description • Stand with one leg forward and the other back • Rest forward hand above the knee with your rear arm bent by your side at 90-degrees while holding the KB, knuckles forward • Apply the 3Bs Principle™ • Keeping the wrist straight, extend the arm back until parallel to the ground before returning • Repeat drill with opposite arm Note: This exercise can also be performed with one leg kneeling on a flat bench. 2010 10:58 Uhr Seite 58 KETTLEBELL CONDITIONING 36.

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