Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him About Chess by Tibor Karolyi, Nick Aplin

By Tibor Karolyi, Nick Aplin

Chess champion Garry Kasparov wrote a bestselling sequence of books known as My nice Predecessors, ascribing his victories to classes realized from the video games of previous champions. Now, in a humorously titled “addition” to the sequence, Tibor Károlyi and Nick Aplin flip Kasparov’s chess knowledge on its head via examining 70 video games he misplaced! at the back of the good-natured humor is the $64000 chess concept that each strategic or tactical precept has its exceptions, and the win frequently involves the participant who is familiar with while usual method doesn’t practice. It’s a delightfully unique statement on smooth chess idea, providing equivalent components leisure and guide.

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H3 44 gxh3 gxh3 4S lt'J6e5+ f6 2s ... h I :tg8 White has compensation. 52 It'Je5 'i;c7 0- 1 After 26 . l:hd4 27 "xe5 27 �hl Of course I too developed an appetite 27 It'Jxe6 simp l i fies to an equal for swallowing the e5-pawn in the p o si ti on after 27 . . �xe6 (27 . e3+ 28 �h2 �xe6 29 1:[xd5 Sicilian. . as 34 :txf5 ! d8+) 28 lhd5 �xd5 29 'ii'd 8+. king is under flIe. 27 ... xf6 23 l:[xd7 �g8 USSR 1 97 6 24 It'Jd 1 1:[fd8 25 1:[xd8+ l:[xd8 1 e4 c5 2 It'Jf3 e6 3 d4 cxd4 4 It'J xd4 It'J f6 5 It'Jc3 d6 6 �e2 a6 7 0-0 It'J bd7 8 f4 b5 9 �f3 �b7 10 a3 My opponent may have known the Fischer game.

But then it will be difficult to decide - which small advantage to go for as any 35 lZ'lxe5! After 3S tUfS ! l:txb5 3 6 l:txh5 wins, 35 ... tUxe5 36 l:tf5+ �g7 37 l:txe5 has obtained of them might prove to a winning position. be more significant than expected. Alternatively The Hungarian variation, played by a as Ftacnik pointed out. I1I.. g7 4 lZ'le3 d5 5 'iWb3 dIC4 6 'ilhc4 0-0 7 e4 36 Hungarian grandmaster. 14 . . b6 ! deserved some consideration. Pushing the b-pawn only one square 8 'iWb3 allows him to control more squares.

Txh6 'it>n After 38 ... f6 Black could exchange 55 'it>c6 �d2 56 'it>d5 �f4 57 'it>d6 the light pieces. Four-rook endings tend Black is in zugzwang. to give considerable drawing chances. 53 ... tg4 l'Llf6 62 63 Robert James Fischer the 1 1 ,h Robert James Fischer the J J,h 50 ... liJe8 51 a6 l1a7 52 'it>e3 liJc7 53 �b7 White buries the rook. liJe6 54 l1a5! Kasparov Fischer's ideas - Random Chess. At the start of the game Linares 1 993 the pieces are positioned on the first rank in irregular or random positions.

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