Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Cliff Notes) by M. a. Valerie Pursel Zimbaro, Henry James

By M. a. Valerie Pursel Zimbaro, Henry James

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In vitam eternam. Amen. The teacher has assigned the next problems to be done. Ennis had gone to the school urinal. We have the next hour free. Stephen is repeating the traditional prayer of repentent sinners, Every baptized Roman Catholic has a personal guardian angel. the container for the consecrated wafers. Into eternal life. So be it. com CHAPTER IV Summary The chapter opens with Stephen’s dedicating himself to a life of "resolute piety," vowing to adhere rigidly to the rituals of the Catholic faith.

During the third sermon, Stephen contemplates the torment of a life without God. com bearing the full burden of his sins until the end of time. Finally as the retreat master examines the concept of eternity in a vast metaphor and concludes by discussing the grandeur of God, Stephen’s "brain reel[s] dizzily" as he tries to fathom the enormous everlastingness of eternity. During the past three days, Stephen has suffered terribly as he emotionally conjured up the burning torments of Hell. He has undergone physical anguish, as well as spiritual and imaginative Hell; his has been a journey that parallels the period of testing common to most mythical heroes.

Trams were horse-drawn streetcars. The reference is to unlined notebooks, similar to today's bluebooks. second half of the notices sent out in bankruptcy head of a religious order in a province. The reference is to Dublin's Christian Brothers' School, an inexpensive birds bred and especially fed for cock fighting. com • Maurice • the Whitsuntide play refers to a play that is part of a ceremony commemorating Pentecost (the seventh Sunday after Easter). • stewards • the Blessed Sacrament • Indian clubs • singlets • Heron salaamed Heron bent forward, in a low bow, his right palm on his forehead; this is an Arabic and Indian gesture of respect.

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