[Journal] Harvard Ukrainian Studies. Vol. III-IV. Part 2

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L. 2emuInikov’s album, dated approximately 1850, is stored in the Sevenko Historical Museum in Kiev. Reproductions from the album are printed in volume 2 of Kateryna Hrutevs’ka, Jkrajins ‘ki narodni dumy Xarkiv and Kiev, 1931. 6 See Albert Bates Lord’s introduction to Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, vol. , and Belgrade, 1954, pp. 3-6. 2 HOMER, MILTON, AND ASIK VEYSEL 521 The influence of Homer on the legend of the blind bard is important. The legend itself, however, seems to stem from something much more fundamental than the model he established.

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It is possible to argue an indirect application, namely, that any hardship be it physical, economic, or emotional stimulates artistic sensitivity, be cause to suffer is to live more intensely. Pain cuts so deeply that it sharpens the ability to feel all other emotions, just as a wound is more sensitive to all stimuli than ordinary flesh. Certainly some modern literary artists, such as Hemingway, have intentionally sought suffering to height - - en their artistic talent. This oblique application of the compensation theory may be valid, but it is necessary to point out that talent is a concept alien to traditional oral poets.

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