Jews and Samaritans: The Origins and History of Their Early by Gary N. Knoppers

By Gary N. Knoppers

Winner of the R.B.Y. Scott Award from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies

Even in antiquity, writers have been intrigued via the origins of the folks known as Samaritans, dwelling within the sector of historic Samaria (near smooth Nablus). The Samaritans practiced a faith nearly similar to Judaism and shared a standard set of scriptures. but the Samaritans and Jews had little to do with one another. In a well-known New testomony passage approximately an stumble upon among Jesus and a Samaritan lady, the writer writes, "Jews don't proportion issues in universal with Samaritans."

The Samaritans claimed to be descendants of the northern tribes of Joseph. Classical Jewish writers stated, despite the fact that, that they have been both of overseas starting place or the manufactured from intermarriages among the few final northern Israelites and polytheistic international settlers. a few glossy students have authorised one or the opposite of those historic theories. Others have avidly debated the time and context within which the 2 teams break up aside.

Covering over one thousand years of historical past, this ebook makes an incredible contribution to the fields of Jewish experiences, religious study, historic close to jap stories, Samaritan reviews, and early Christian historical past by way of difficult the oppositional paradigm that has regularly characterised the historic family members among Jews and Samaritans.

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There are no inscriptions surviving from his reign. 27–28) may allude to a two-year siege resulting in the taking of Samaria, but the city itself is not explicitly mentioned (Grayson 1975: 73). Second Kings 17:5 mentions a three-year siege. 16. H. 3:23–24; Younger 1999: 71–73, 2003a. 17. Second Kings 17:5 and 6a may telescope two discrete events (Cogan and Tadmor 1988: 200). Cogan and Tadmor think that the capture of Samaria is to be credited to Shalmaneser, while the exile is to be credited to Sargon II.

21. Within antiquity, this usage of ‫ שמרים‬is acknowledged already by Origen (Comm. in. Joh. 312; Hom. in Ezek. 1). See also Eusebius (Chron. 1270), Jerome (Comm. 12; Comm. in Ezek. 9; Epist. 3; Epiphanius (φύλακες; Haer. 1); b. H ․ ul. 6a (Pummer 2002: 7–8, 123, 188–89; 2009: 4–7). There may be a much earlier allusion in late biblical lore (noted but not developed by Montgomery 1907: 318). In the Chronistic depiction of the dual monarchies, King Abijah of Judah pointedly announces to his northern counterparts and enemy in battle, “Jeroboam and all Israel”: “Indeed, we are observing (‫ )שמרים אנחנו‬the charge (‫ )את משמרת‬of Yhwh our God” (2 Chr 13:11).

Zertal (2001: 44) estimates that the number of prisoners taken as booty by Sargon II (27,290) might have represented about one-third of the state’s total population. If the higher estimate of Broshi and Finkelstein (1992: 41. Not so in the ‘Iron-Shechem area, the eastern valleys, and the desert fringes (Zertal 2003: 400–404; 2008: 85–92). There, both the Persian and the Hellenistic periods are relatively sparsely inhabited. By contrast, the Persian era represents the time in which northern Samaria is the most densely populated of all periods.

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