Jewish Responsibility for the Death of Jesus in Luke-Acts by Jon A. Weatherley

By Jon A. Weatherley

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George, 'Israel', pp. 520-24. 1. A Review of Research on Judaism and the Death of Jesus 43 Jacob Jewell A conscious and thorough attempt to redraw the agenda for critical study of Judaism in Luke-Acts is found in the work of the Scandinavian J. Jervell. He differs emphatically with the scholarly consensus concerning Luke's setting. Jewish Christianity is not a matter of the past for Luke. 2 In fact, much of Acts is aimed at addressing issues of controversy within Jewish Christianity. Jervell finds several lines of evidence which confirm this view.

8. Sanders, Jews in Luke-Acts, pp. 47-50, 85-89. 9. Sanders, Jews in Luke-Acts, pp. 133-39, 144. 10. Sanders, Jews in Luke-Acts, pp. 36, 48-50. 11. Sanders, Jews in Luke-Acts, pp. 97-99. 1. 1 Identified in the speeches as evil and unrepentant, they behave as such in the end of the narrative. 4 Sanders' s work represents the culmination of the pervasive trend in studies on Judaism in Luke-Acts since Overbeck. In large measure his conclusions are reached by rigorously pursuing the lines of inquiry already mapped out.

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