Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity: Essays and by Leo Strauss

By Leo Strauss

Editor note: Edited with an advent via Kenneth Hart Green

This is the 1st e-book to assemble the foremost essays and lectures of Leo Strauss within the box of recent Jewish concept.

It comprises a few of his most renowned released writings, in addition to major writings that have been formerly unpublished.

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Strauss acknowledged that this aura was somehow allowed to vindicate Spinoza's words and actions as a plainly unjust accuser against Judaism, since his supposedly ‫״‬pure" intentions are used to serve as an exoneration. A t the same time, Strauss detected that Spinoza's disloyalty as a Jew may not just be evidence of moral depravity, b u t may also be << Chapter >> Home | TOC | Index Leo Strauss as a M o d e r n Jewish Thinker 13 derived from a much bigger political exigency he was involved in meeti n g — t h e need to destroy the ‫ ״‬m e d i e v a l " order.

56 Though not neo-Kantian philosophers, they acted on "primitive" or unconscious impulses yielded in a historical dialectic: they carried through and expressed imaginatively the logical consequences, or the moral implications, of the rational idea of the one God as ereator, which they discovered in their own native tradition. Strauss also discerned that Cohen's synthesis was a defense of modernity, in the face of the massive critique of the modern project that emerged in Nietzsche. On the positive side of the scale, it seemed to Strauss to have been rooted in a rare modern seriousness about both reason and revelation.

3 9 A l t h o u g h some of these beliefs were clearly antithetical, i n whole or i n part, to traditional Judaism, they supported a greater aim w i t h w h i c h Jews certainly could, and mostly d i d , sympathize. Jews were distinctly unfriendly to the survival of the medieval Christian order, w h i c h the Enlightenment aimed to destroy For them its meaning was clear, as Strauss p u t it so well: ‫״‬The action most characteristic of the M i d d l e Ages is the Crusades; it may be said to have culminated not accidentally i n the murder of whole Jewish communities.

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