High Druid of Shannara 01 - Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks

By Terry Brooks

Greater than 1 / 4 of a century after The Sword of Shannara carved out its position within the pantheon of serious epic fable, the magic of Terry Brooks’s long island occasions bestselling saga burns as brightly as ever. 3 entire sequence have chronicled the ever-unfolding historical past of Shannara. yet extra tales are nonetheless to be told—and new adventures haven't begun to be undertaken. ebook one in all excessive Druid of Shannara invitations either the trustworthy longtime reader and the curious newcomer to take step one at the subsequent awesome quest.Twenty years have handed seeing that Grianne Ohmsford denounced her former existence because the dreaded Ilse Witch—saved through the affection of her brother, the magic of the Sword of Shannara, and the destruction of her evil mentor, the Morgawr. Now, pleasing the future envisioned for her, she has proven the 3rd Druid Council, and devoted herself to its ambitions of peace, concord one of the races, and protection of the 4 Lands. however the political intrigue, mystery treachery, and sinister deeds that experience haunted Druid historical past for generations proceed to thrive. And regardless of her devotion to the higher stable as Ard Rhys—the excessive Druid of Paranor, Grianne nonetheless has sour enemies. one of the optimum ranks of the Council she leads lurk those that can't fail to remember her reign of terror because the Ilse Witch, who covet her seat of energy, and who will cease at not anything to work out her deposed . . . or destroyed. Even Grianne’s few allies—chief between them her depended on servant Tagwen—know of the plots opposed to her. yet they can by no means expect the unexpected, ominous disappearance of the Ard Rhys, in the dark and with no hint. Now, slightly a step prior to the darkish forces bent on preventing him, Tagwen joins Grianne’s courageous younger nephew, Pen Ohmsford, and the clever, strong elf Ahren Elessedil on a determined and hazardous undertaking of seek and rescue—to bring the excessive Druid of Shannara from an unspeakable fate.Expect no finish of wonders, no scarcity of event, excitement, suspense, and attraction, as Terry Brooks demonstrates, once more, that there's no finish to his magic of invention and mastery of storytelling.From the Hardcover variation.

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Only the inheritors were left, men and women who probably didn't have any real idea of the circumstances that had triggered the war. Not that any of them cared, she thought darkly. War was often its own excuse. A knock at the door announced the arrival of Tagwen. She bid him enter. The Dwarf shuffled in under a load of books and papers, which he deposited on the working table to one side, where she could pick through them. They were the detritus of her previous efforts to persuade Sen Dunsidan and the Federation to her cause.

I won't need to," he responded. "You will be awake before me. You always are. " He went out quietly, closing the door behind him as if it were made of glass. She smiled to herself, wondering what she would do without him. For someone Page 60 so small and seemingly inconsequential, he was in many respects the most important member of the order. She wandered over to her tea, sat down, and began to sip the hot mix gingerly. As it cooled, she finished it off, hardly aware of what she was doing, her thoughts on the coming meetings and on the ramifications of what she hoped to accomplish.

Employing another magic to overcome her own was the logical approach, but he didn't know any magic and wasn't equipped to wield it if he did. Finding an ally who could act in his place was the logical solution, but with the death of the Morgawr and the formation of the Third Druid Council, he no longer had direct dealings with magic wielders save for the one he wanted to eliminate. Then help arrived from an unexpected source, not much more than a year ago, and he had not only his ally, but a spy in the Druid camp.

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