It's True! Sport Stinks (Its True) (It's True!) by Justin Kemp; Damian Farrow

By Justin Kemp; Damian Farrow

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Everything has to work like clockwork. And if it doesn’t, it has to be able to be fixed in seconds by the pit crew during the race. RACING CAR VS. FAMILY CAR Formula Starting: Stopping: How far Zero to 200 kph on a tank 100 kph to zero of petrol? 3 seconds 55 metres 80 kilometres One car Average family How much? Up to $500 million a year 10 seconds almost around 600 Around $30 000 300 metres kilometres to buy car 44 DRIVING YOU UP THE WALL Formula One cars have almost as much in common with planes as they do with the average family car – they even have wings!

The genius who invented the wheel probably lived around 6000 years ago. But, sadly for Pheidippides, it took another 5800 or so years before someone thought to put one wheel in front of another. The world’s first bicycle was invented by a German called Karl von Drais in 1817. ), and was called the Swiftwalker. Why not the Swiftpedaller? Because it had no pedals. To make it roll, you pushed the ground with your feet. To make it stop, you also used your feet – hard! 37 EVOLUTION OF THE BICYCLE 1817 The world’s first bicycle, the Swiftwalker, is invented in Germany.

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