Introduction to Zionism and Israel : From Ideology to by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

By Dan Cohn-Sherbok

Exploration of the origins and improvement of Zionism, illustrating the speculation and background of the Zionist flow and the construction of the kingdom of Israel.


An exploration of the origins and improvement of Zionism, illustrating the speculation and background of the Zionist circulation and the construction of the country of Israel. It offers a proof of the Read more...

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The land must, by degrees, be built up and prepared. (‘The Third Redemption’, in Hertzberg, The Zionist Idea, p. 105 ) Religious and Spiritual Zionism For Alakali, redemption is not simply a divine affair – it is also a human concern requiring labour and persistence. This demystification of traditional messianic eschatology extends to Alkalai’s advocacy of Hebrew as a language of communication. Traditionally Hebrew was viewed as a sacred language of communication. It was not to be profaned by daily use.

These believers formed an association, the ‘Benei Avraham’, which met on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. When Sir Thomas Baring became president of the LJS, he found that the Society was deeply in debt. To meet this crisis, Lewis 39 40 Introduction to Zionism and Israel Way, a barrister and Fellow of Merton College, donated £10,000 and further sources of funding were later raised to clear the Society’s debts. For Way, civil emancipation in Europe and the restoration of a homeland in Palestine were central goals.

We lack the fundamental element: we lack labour (not labour done because of necessity, but labour to which man is organically and naturally linked), labour by which a people becomes rooted in its soil and its culture. (Avineri, The Making of Modern Zionism, p. 155) The absence of physical work, he believes, is an essential defect in the Jewish character. Such a condition was created by the exile and its perpetuation has contributed to the continuation of exile. Paradoxically the denigration of labour enabled Jews to accommodate to a diaspora existence.

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