Inside the Cold War : a cold warrior's reflections by Chris Adams

By Chris Adams

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A nonconformist throughout his service, he appeared at times to go out of his way to demonstrate the same. He openly criticized the Navy’s senior military leadership, including Adm James L. Holloway, whom he had selected as a nuclear-Navy candidate early in his career and whose father had helped Rickover’s own career. ” But Holloway recognized the budgetary implications and did not support Rickover’s effort. When Rickover went over Holloway’s head to Congress, the CNO promptly sent a signed written statement to Capital Hill.

These modest reconnaissance aircraft were to be a blessing in disguise, setting the stage for SAC to become the long-term single manager of air-breathing reconnaissance platforms. They were directly related to SAC’s strategic mission planning and, later, to the comprehensive intelligence requirements of the future Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff (JSTPS). By 1948, SAC had kicked into high gear and a dramatic evolution in strategic warfare capability had begun. The Bomber B-29 Superfortress.

Peck, former SAC Chief of Staff, and a B-47 aircraft commander as a young Air Force captain, described the experience of flying the B-47: The Boeing B-47, officially the “Stratojet,” was one of those airplanes that never seemed to acquire any sort of affectionate nickname. This probably stems from the fact that although it was often admired, respected, cursed, or even feared, it was almost never loved.

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