In Vitro Culture of Higher Plants by R.L.M Pierik

By R.L.M Pierik

In Vitro tradition of upper Plants offers an updated and wide-ranging account of the recommendations and purposes, and has basically been written in accordance with functional difficulties. specified awareness has been paid to the academic features.
general methodological elements are defined within the first half: laboratory set-up, composition and education of media, sterilization of media and plant fabric, isolation and (sub)culture, mechanization, the effect of plant and environmental components on development and improvement, the move from try out tube to soil, aids to check. The query why in vitro tradition is practised is roofed within the moment half: embryo tradition, germination of orchid seeds, mericloning of orchids, construction of disease-free crops, vegetative propagation, somaclonal version, test-tube fertilization, haploids, genetic manipulation, different purposes in phytopathology and plant breeding, secondary metabolites.

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1964 First haploid Datura plants produced from pollen grains (Guha and Maheshwari). 1964 Regeneration of roots and shoots on callus tissue of Populus tremuloides (Mathes). 1965 Induction of flowering in tobacco tissue in vitro (Aghion-Prat). 1965 Differentiation of tobacco plants from single isolated cells in micro-culture (Vasil and Hildebrandt). 1967 Flower induction in Lunaria annua by vernalization in vitro (Pierik). 1967 Haploid plants obtained from pollen grains of tobacco (Bourgin and Nitsch).

Growth on a liquid medium, containing glass beads which can anchor explants. 9. Viscose sponge underneath filter paper can be used as a carrier for a liquid medium instead of agar. The advantages of viscose are (Wersuhn and Fritze, 1985)·: - It can be used repeatedly. - It facilitates large screening. - Subcultures can be carried out without changing the container. - Plants can be more easily transferred to soil. · - Smaller amount of chemicals are required.

Different types of glassware. Hotplate with magnetic stirrer. Heating-jacket or hot-plate suitable for larger vessels; in practice a medium is often heated by the use of steam injection. Steamer for heating media*. 01 g). 1 mg). Spatula for use during weighing. Mixer for large quantities of media*. Micro-wave oven for rapid heating of media and agar mixtures* (instead of a heating-jacket); the micro-wave oven can also be used for rapid thawing of frozen items. 31 - Millipore filtersystem*. - Automatic dispensor*.

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