Identification of Tropical Woody Plants in the Absence of by R. Keller

By R. Keller

This box advisor permits clients to spot tropical woody crops world wide and within the absence of plant life or end result by way of morphological and macroanatomical positive factors that are simply observable, everlasting, and which offer loads of taxonomic info. The identity approach has been designed within the type of a dichotomous key, that's liberally illustrated with figures and plates of woody crops displaying their structure and the morphological characters of barks, branches and leaves. This consultant also needs to alert clients to the rhythms, kinds, odours, or even textures of the tropical plant global - a brand new point of view that constitutes a sensory method of botany.

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Stipule-like petiolar expansions (~F13 j,q) or petiole canaliculate (~Fl5 b). (L. toothed; stems or leaves ~P7A DILLENIACEAE with rigid, scabrous hairs). g. Dillenia (AS,PF,AU) 3* Base of leaves different. 6 Leaves trinerved (~Fl8 d) or palmate venation(~Fl8 c). 7 Bark with network of fibres (~F3 a,b,c,d). Leaves entire or toothed (cordate or peitate f. s. ). g. Hibiscus macrophylla (AS) 7* Bark different. 8 Leaves glandular. (Base of lamina glandular, ~Fl9 k). g. ) 8* Leaves not glandulate. L.

Imparipinnate with opposite leaflets (~Fl4 h); cut bark turning orange). ~PlB MELIOSMACEAE Meliosma (AS) Leaves palmate or trifoliolate. Sheathing petiole (~Fl5 al) or wood soft and bark aromatic. Branches erect or monocaulous plant. (Minute stipules adnate to the petiole, ~F13 r). g. ), Scheff/era 9* Plant different. 10 Leaves with pellucid dots. (Plant aromatic). g. Aegle (AS), Cusparia (AM) 10* Leaves without pellucid dots. Plant not aromatic. 11 AM. Short shoots (~Fll p) with subwhorled L. Rachis winged (~Fl4 p).

Boehmeria 27* Bark not fibrous. 28 AM. Venation densely reticulate. ~P6A ULMACEAE Lozanella (AM) 28* Subtrop. South AM, AU. Leaves finely toothed. ~P14A ELAEOCARPACEAE Aristotelia (AM,AU,PF) 26* Leaves glandular (margin of lamina glandular, ~F19 q). g. Colubrina (mainly AM) 25* Petiole with a distal pulvinus (~F15 p). Rhy/Per with thin longitudinal slits (~F2 e,f), this character is transient. (Anisophylly, ~FlO g, f. s. ). g. g. AS) 25 55 Key N 1 Leaves distinctly 3- or 5-nerved (~F17 j,m, ~F18 c,d,e).

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