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B. One can learn about life only by living it fully. A wise person will read widely in order to learn about life. C. Knowledge is a powerful tool that should be reserved only for those who know how to use it inconspicuously. D. Experience is an unreliable teacher. 6. The author calls “the way it was” a “characteristically simple phrase for a concept of extraordinary complexity” (paragraph 2) because: A. the phrase reflects Hemingway’s talent for obscuring ordinary events. B. the relationship between simplicity and complexity reflected the relationship between the style and content of Hemingway’s writing.

C. is an absolute standard to be met by each of the various lakes, rivers, and other waterways in a state. D. is the ideal usage of water for a particular area. 3. It can be inferred from the passage that the “problem” referred to in paragraph 3 is that: A. pollution is an environmental issue not easily resolved or eliminated. B. the “intended purpose” of a body of water varies according to the area in which it is located. C. it is often more difficult to determine the “intended use” of a river when it is located near an ocean.

Always influenced by our past experiences and needs of the moment. D. significantly cluttered by memories of past experiences. 2. It can be inferred from the passage that which of the following would be least likely to be stored in semantic memory? A. B. C. D. S. Civil War was fought The title of a piece of classical music The skills necessary for driving a car The ability to distinguish between a doorbell and a ringing telephone 3. Which of the following assertions is NOT supported within the passage by example or analogy?

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