Homologous Recombination and Gene Silencing in Plants by Jozef J. Bujarski, Peter D. Nagy (auth.), Jerzy Paszkowski

By Jozef J. Bujarski, Peter D. Nagy (auth.), Jerzy Paszkowski (eds.)

Higher eukaryotes are characterised through the allocation of special capabilities to various sorts of differentiated cells. while in animals the well-defined, safe cells of the germ line separate early, germ cells in vegetation differentiate from somatic cells in basic terms after many cycles of mitotic department. accordingly somatic mutations in crops should be transmitted through the germ cells to the progeny. there's hence a transparent want for somatic tissues to take care of their genetic integrity within the face of environmental demanding situations, and sorts of interactions were proven to play vital roles within the conservation in addition to flexibility of plant genomes: homologous recombination of repeated sequences and silencing of increased genes. delicate equipment were built that permit higher insights into the dynamics of the genome. This ebook summarizes present wisdom and dealing hypotheses in regards to the frequencies and mechanisms of mitochondrial, plastid, nuclear and viral recombination and the inactivation of repeated genes in vegetation. regardless of quick advancements within the box, it is usually impossible to supply ultimate solutions. hence, it really is an extra job of this booklet to outline the open questions and destiny demanding situations.
The ebook is addressed to scientists engaged on plant biology and recombination, to beginners within the box and to complicated biology scholars.

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1993) and stimulates expression from the coat protein promoter (Hofer et al. 1992). Other viral functions either are not common to all group members or else are carried out by distinctly different gene products. For example, certain gene products of bipartite viruses and of BCTV are involved in the regulation of viral gene expression (AL2) or DNA replication (AL3, L3, R2) (Sunter et al. 1990; Sunter & Bisaro 1991; Stanley et al. 1992; Sunter & Bisaro 1992; Hormuzdi & Bisaro 1993). Homologues of the AL2, AL3 and L3 proteins are not encoded in subgroup I virus genomes 42 and the R2 gene is found only in BCTY.

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