Highest Yoga Tantra: An Introduction to the Esoteric by Daniel G. Cozort

By Daniel G. Cozort

This remarkable e-book essentially outlines and discusses the equipment for reworking either physique and brain during the maximum types of tantric practice. Highest Yoga Tantra is the head of tantric structures present in the Tibetan Buddhist culture. half One discusses the practices universal to sutra and tantra. half offers the iteration level of maximum Yoga Tantra. half 3 covers the whole lot of the of entirety degree yogas (i.e., actual isolation, verbal isolation, psychological isolation, illusory physique, transparent gentle, and union). half 4 compares the Kalachakra and Guhyasamaja levels crowning glory. amazing for its definitive readability, this exposition of the levels of maximum Yoga Tantra is the 1st of its sort within the English language and a needs to for a person drawn to those maximum tantras.

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Non-dualistic wisdom is the life of both the sutra and tantra paths, and in both paths initial reliance on reasoning to uncover the nature of phenomena, hidden to our direct experience, is necessary. 42 Tantric yogis use deity yoga to enhance meditation on emptiness; their use of deity yoga brings them more quickly to an initial direct cognition of emptiness by enhancing their ability to combine meditative stability with analysis (see pp. 55-6). Also, in Highest Yoga Tantra, powerful, subtle consciousnesses that realize emptiness are manifested, whereby the obstructions to liberation* and omniscience* are quickly overcome.

These techniques will be described in subsequent chapters on the levels of the stage of completion. 80 They are then able to actualize subtle consciousnesses capable of over­ coming the barriers to full enlightenment. In the process of ordinary death, winds are involuntarily drawn into the central channel, the channel knots relax, and those winds dissolve into the indestructible drop in the center of the heart. 82 Special meditative techniques are used in both stages of Highest Yoga Tantra to bring about the same sequence of events as in ordinary death.

The third is to mimic meditation on emptiness with a conscious­ ness of great bliss. The greatest is actually to experience great bliss from the bestowal of initiation and to use that bliss consciousness to meditate on emptiness. 7 At the time of initiation, tantric practitioners take various vows and make pledges in addition to those they share with Perfection Vehicle trainees. Among these promises are a pledge of secrecy, for tantric practices are not only diffi­ cult, but dangerous (because engaging in practices involv­ ing desire without having established a pure motivation would only increase one’s afflictive karma).

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