Hegel on Ethics and Politics (The German Philosophical by Robert B. Pippin, Otfried Höffe, Nicholas Walker

By Robert B. Pippin, Otfried Höffe, Nicholas Walker

This sequence makes to be had in English very important contemporary paintings by way of German philosophers on significant figures within the German philosophical culture. The volumes will supply serious views on philosophers of serious value to the Anglo-American philosophical community--perspectives which have been mostly neglected other than by way of a handful of writers on German philosophy. This assortment brings jointly in translation the best post-war German language scholarship on Hegel's social and political philosophy, focusing on the weather of the Philosophy of correct.

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That is something that can arise only from the institutions themselves. For it is only the coherent effect of the latter that procures the required and habitual forms of conduct that one trustingly and “confidently” grows into and adopts. Philosophy, on the other hand, requires us to relinquish everything merely habitual in principle (BA, in GW XVIII, 30). ” The latter cannot even provide that probity or uprightness of ethical character that Hegel understands13 as the “simple conformity of the individual to the duties set by the relationships in which he finds himself placed” (Rph §150).

And philosophy also presents itself expressly as a duty precisely for those who perceive its character as a right (Rph §155). The content of this right is fundamentally the same as that of the right to practice religion, with which indeed philosophy shares the same end and substantive content (BA, in GW XVIII, 25). Both rights rest on the fact that the general liberation of the world from the purely instrumental context of the will and the recognition of secular reason that is accomplished through the intrinsically free intelligence itself grounds a right to the (philosophical or religious) existence of this very accomplishment.

INTRODUCTION 17 Notes 1. See Hegel’s Political Philosophy, ed. Walter Kaufmann (New York: Atherton Press, 1970), for a series of exchanges on the issue. The exchange reprinted there between Carritt and Knox occurred already in 1940. Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies appeared in 1950. Hook’s blasts at Hegel date from the mid-1960s. 2. The most well-known German accusation of conservatism and accommodationism is Rudolf Haym’s Hegel und seine Zeit (1857), but he is by no means alone, and the list grows rapidly after the war as many other German commentators jump on the “from Hegel to Hitler” bandwagon.

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