Hansa Yoga - The Elixir of Self Realization (soham sadhana) by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

By Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

The hansa yaga or soaham sadhana is topped within the Indian scriptures because the paramount religious activity that allows usual conjunction of the person realization and the Brahm. regardless of being stronger by way of its culminated results, this sadhana is least difficult and unfastened from the ascetic disciplines and hard practices of yoga which are linked to different greater point non secular sadhanas. The treatise of shabda brahm - Nada brahm (volume 19 of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya sequence) devotes one complete bankruptcy to this crucial subject. the current booklet is compiled from the english translation of this precious textual content.

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No rituals, no other methodology, need be performed with this s³dhan³. In this s³dhan³, the devotee realizes his closest link with thee by experiencing thy presence in the inner self. There could be Soha® S³dhan³ 43 no up³san³ as complete as this experience is. By sincere practice and strength of internal faith and ïraddh³ such a realization becomes easy and it intensifies as the soaha® s³dhan³ progresses. Worshiping God’s idols with the feelings like that of – “Twameva m³t³ ca pit³ twameva, Twameva bandhu¡ casakh³ twameva...

In the practice of a tr³taka, the s³dhaka keeps a lamp (of oil or ghee) or a candle in front of the eyes – at a distance of about 3 to 4ft and keeps the eyes half-open. The position of the lamp is set up to the height of the s³dhaka’s chest when he is sitting in the posture as described above, so that he could look at the tip of the flame without Soha® S³dhan³ 51 bending his head. The s³dhaka’s eyes gaze steadily at the bright spot without blinking for few seconds. He then closes the eyes to visualize the image of this glow at the position of the ³jó³ cakra.

In this last phase, the s³dhaka should feel that the divine power has blessed him with thy grace and that the supreme consciousness has bestowed divine qualities and potentials on him. He should concentrate upon different components and inner cores of the body and feel that each element is illuminated by absorption of the divine energy. He should also contemplate that he has devoted himself to the God and that all his sense organs, mind and the intellect are now in the hands of that Almighty. Each of his five organs of perceptions and the five organs of external activities will now be controlled according to the divine disciplines.

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