Guidelines for the Safe Handling and Disposal of Chemicals by United Nations

By United Nations

This guide presents a collection of tools and ways, and sensible directions, at the secure dealing with and disposal of chemical substances utilized in the illicit manufacture of alternative medications. The handbook is geared toward all these, who're curious about, or faced with the necessity for, the secure dealing with, transportation, garage and disposal of seized chemical substances. The equipment and methods defined mirror the breadth of situations less than which illicit drug manufacture happens world wide, starting from recycling to disposal on the website of seizure, for instance, at a clandestine laboratory website.

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E. Lenga, The Sigma-Aldrich Library of Chemical Safeety Data (Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Milwaukee, WI, 1985). GLOSSARY This glossary defines the terms as they are used in the present document, and provides additional explanations where necessary. Burning: Refers to burning by uncontrolled flames, the combustion products being released directly into the atmosphere. Burning is typically an option in remote locations where more environmentally safe disposal methods are not practicable. Chemicals: The term as used in these guidelines refers to all chemicals used in the clandestine manufacture of drugs (in particular, cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy-type substances and methaqualone).

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