Guide to Foodborne Pathogens, Second Edition by Ronald G. Labbé, Santos García

By Ronald G. Labbé, Santos García

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Enumeration by enrichment isolation, or selective enrichment isolation, may be achieved by determining either an indicated number or the most probable number (MPN) of S. aureus present. Common MPN procedures use three or five tubes for each dilution. 4). Surface spreading is advantageous in that the form and appearance of surface colonies are somewhat more characteristic than the subsurface colonies encountered with pour plates. The principal advantage of pour plates is that greater sample volumes can be used.

911–934. a staphylococcal enterotoxins. 5. One such method, TECRA, utilizes a single-specific serotype antibody as the capture antibody with polyvalent antibodies conjugated to the enzyme instead of each secondary antibody conjugated separately to the enzyme. 2 Toxin production by staphylococci Determining the enterotoxigenicity of staphylococci by examining staphylococcal isolates for toxin production is helpful for identifying enterotoxin in foods and is desirable for examining strains isolated from various sources.

Queens, New York On February 28, 48 people became ill a median of 3 h after eating lunch in a hospital employee cafeteria. One person was hospitalized. Canned mushrooms served at the salad bar were epidemiologically implicated. Two unopened cans of mushrooms from the same lot as the implicated can contained staphylococcal enterotoxin A. McKeesport, Pennsylvania On April 17, 12 people became ill with gastroenteritis a median of 2 h after eating lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Two people were hospitalized.

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