Gills: Ion and Water Transfer by W.S. Hoar and D.J. Randall (Eds.)

By W.S. Hoar and D.J. Randall (Eds.)

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H. (1980). Kinetic studies of ion transport by fish gill epithelium. Am. J. Physiol.

The Na+ and C1- ions of the external medium diffuse toward the blood along their concentration gradient. In contrast, water moves in the opposite direction along its osmotic gradient. The decrease and even the cancellation of the effects of the osmotic gradient between plasma and seawater are obtained by the increased transcellular ion permeability of the chloride cells (aperture of cellular junctions). The increase of the ionic permeability of the cell produces a decrease in its semipermeability, that is, the decrease of the relfection coefficient of the membranes toward these ions.

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