German Expressionist Prints and Drawings, Volume 1: Essays by Stephanie Barron, Wolf-Dieter Dube, Alexander Dückers, Peter

By Stephanie Barron, Wolf-Dieter Dube, Alexander Dückers, Peter Guenther, Rose-Carol Washton Long, Paul Raabe, Robert Gore Rifkind, Ida Katherine Rigby

214 pp., 252 illustrations such a lot in colour. Black fabric stamped with black representation to the canopy, lettering to the backbone. Co-published by way of the la County Museum of artwork, l. a. CA. contains notes, photographic credit, and index.

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Filled print Selig sind die Two issues later Barmherzigen (Blessed are the merciful) number 18 a symbolic kneeling figure is presented, with the title Dona nobis pacem (Give us peace; fig. 16). The Expressionist movement was stalled: Kirchner was hospitalized with a nervous condition. Max Beckmann had been furloughed after a collapse, Kokoschka was recovering from a wound he had appeared, and in received a year was in Palau. earlier, Karl Hofer was interned in France, and Pechstein Rene Schickele had moved his pacifist journal Die weissen Hugo Ball had left Germany for where he founded the Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of the Dada movement.

After a fire on for the activities of his New Year's Day of 1923 destroyed the were replaced between 1924 and 1928 by concrete structures that were more conservative in form. Another example of expressionistic architecture that is often cited is the Einstein Tower in Potsdam (1917-21; see figs. 42, 43), an observatory designed and built by Erich Mendelsohn. Its powerfully curving forms and the imaginative stacking of the floors give it the appearance of a monolith. ) No other large commissions were offered.

Hablik, a member of the group, stated: "We need new ideals. One of these is the Gesamtkunstwerk, the building. "^" 25 Guenther The "crowns of the architects cities' as beheved that the centers of the cities, the they called them, would be templelike structures in which all of the arts would be brought together and which the populace would regard as the spiritual axes of the cities. Taut and the others recognized, however, that before such projects could be built, a larger segment of society had to be willing to accept the new ideas; "The direct carrier of the spiritual forces, molder of the sensitivities of the general public— which today is slumbering but tomorrow will awaken— is architecture.

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