Gentianaceae: Systematics and Natural History by Lena Struwe, Victor A. Albert

By Lena Struwe, Victor A. Albert

This quantity offers a complete assessment of the kin, Gentianaceae, protecting phylogeny, type, biogeography, palynology, phytochemistry, and morphology, and likewise offers the 1st type of the total family members to be released for over a hundred years, generated utilizing smooth molecular- and morphology-based phylogenetic info. the amount areas the Gentianaceae in context with its kin within the order Gentianales and subclass Asteridae; offers an up to date, phylogenetic class of tribes, subtribes, and genera; investigates the corroborative worth of morphological positive factors in phylogenetic diagnoses; and comprehensively summarizes palynology, seed morphology, and phytochemistry.

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C. 6–10) Hockinia* Gardner (1) Saccifolium Maguire & Pires (1) Tapeinostemon* Benth. ) Miq. (1) Number of genera: 5. Systematics, character evolution, and biogeography 49 Number of species: c. 16–20. 2. Tribe Exaceae Colla, Herb. , vol. 3: 174, 1834 [Jan–Feb 1835]. — subtribe Exacinae (Colla) Gilg in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzf. 4(2): 62, 1895. — family Exacaceae Daniel & Sabnis, Curr. Sci. 47: 111, 1978, nom. inval. TYPE: Exacum L. , Handb. Nat. : 210, 1837 (as Sebaearieae). , Gen. Pl. 1: 604, 1838.

5 Pterygocalyx Maxim. 1 Purdieanthus Gilg 1 Pycnosphaera Gilg 1 Rogersonanthus Maguire & 3 B. M. Boom “Roraimaea”, ined. Sabatia Adans. 20 Saccifolium Maguire & Pires 1 Schinziella Gilg 1 Schultesia Mart. 15 Sebaea Sol. ex R. Br. 60–100 Senaea Taub. 1 Sipapoantha Maguire & B. M. Boom 1 Swertia L. 135 Symbolanthus G. Don 30 Symphyllophyton Gilg 1 Tachia Aubl. 10 Tachiadenus Griseb. 11 Tapeinostemon Benth. 7 Tetrapollinia Maguire & B. M. Boom 1 Tripterospermum Blume 24 Urogentias Gilg & Gilg-Ben.

Schum. AJ010530, AJ011459 AF102488 AF102487 AF102490 Gentianaceae Gentianaceae Gentianaceae Symbolanthus pulcherrimus Gilg Symbolanthus sp. Symphyllophyton caprifolioides Gilg D’Arcy 14288 (U) G. R. Cooley 8211 (NY) B. Alden et al. 1326 (E) D. J. Mabberley 1432 (K) G. Cremers 14576 (MJG) M. Nee 42892 (NY) 38 L. Struwe et al. html. Gaps were coded as missing data. The matrices were analyzed using NONA (Goloboff, 1998), with the following options: “HOLD 10000” (the maximum number of trees to be kept), “MULT*25” (which specifies 25 random addition replicates with tree bisection-reconnection (TBR) branch swapping), followed by “MAX*” (which indicates TBR swapping on all shortest trees in memory).

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