Games nations play: Analyzing international politics by John Spanier

By John Spanier

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In fact, war with Germany was merely a matter of time: German submarines would sooner or later start sinking American ships in order to compel Britain's surrender. The German invasion of Russia in 1941 briefly postponed the Battle of the Atlantic, and when the battle did take place, the United States was already at war. But had Hitler, in 1940-1941, given the order to sink all ships bound for England, President Roosevelt, like President Woodrow Wilson before him, would have had to ask Congress for a declaration of war.

That British and French power could not contain Germany. As czarist Russia collapsed, the transfer of as many as 2 million German soldiers from the eastern 1 A fuller presentation of the state system will be found in Chapter 4. Nicholas J. Spykman, America's Strategy in World Politics: The United States and the Balance of Power (New York, Harcourt, 1942), p. 21. For a more extensive discussion of the various ways in which the term "balance of power" is used by analysts, see Ernst B. Haas, "The Balance of Power: Prescription, Concept, or Propaganda," World Politics, July 1953, pp.

Therefore equilibrium will in all probability deter attack. "4 A balance of power is thus the prerequisite for each nation's security, if not for its survival, as well as for the preservation of the system itself. Any attempt by any nation to expand its power and attain dominance or hegemony, which would allow it to impose its will upon the other states, will be resisted. When the balance is disturbed, the tendency will be to take responsive action in order to return to a position of equilibrium.

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