Gamelife: A Memoir by Michael W. Clune

By Michael W. Clune

You've been awakened.

Floppy disk inserted, machine became on, a whirring, after which this sentence, through a blinking cursor. So starts off Suspended, the 1st machine online game to obsess seven-year-old Michael, to malicious program into his head and alter his feel of truth. Thirty years later he'll write: "Computer video games have taught me the stuff you can't examine from people."

Gamelife is the memoir of a early life remodeled via know-how. Afternoons spent staring at at pixelated maps and mazes educate Michael's eyes for the uncanny part of Nineteen Eighties suburban Illinois. A video game approximately pirates yields clues to the drama of cafeteria politics and locker-room hazing. And within the 12 months of his parents' divorce, a spaceflight simulator opens a gap in truth.

In telling the tale of his formative years via seven computing device video games, Michael W. Clune captures the a part of youth we are living on my own.

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