Fundamentals of Astrodynamics (Dover Books on Aeronautical by Roger R. Bate, Donald D. Mueller, Jerry E. White

By Roger R. Bate, Donald D. Mueller, Jerry E. White

Instructing textual content built by way of U.S. Air strength Academy and designed as a primary direction emphasizes the common variable formula. Develops the elemental two-body and n-body equations of movement; orbit decision; classical orbital components, coordinate adjustments; differential correction; extra. comprises really expert purposes to lunar and interplanetary flight, instance difficulties, routines. 1971 variation.

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1 Circular Satellite Speed. The speed necessary t o place a satellite in a circular orbit is called circular speed. Naturally, the satellite must be launched in the horizontal direction at the desired TWO - B O D Y O R B I T A L M EC H AN I CS 34 Ch . 1 altitude to achieve a circular orbit. The latter condition is called circular velocity and implies both the correct speed and direction. We can calculate the speed required for a circular orbit of radius, rCS' from the energy equation. 8-2) Notice that the greater the radius of the circular orbit the less speed is required to keep the satellite in this orbit .

A. 407654 101 6 ft3 /sec 2 X r = r eart h + A lt i t ude C i rcu lar O r b i t Radius of circular orbit is =21 . 9-2) = = 36,1 57. 9 ft/sec b . Sketch of escape trajectory and circular parking orbit : From the definition of escape speed the energy constant is zero on the escape trajectory which is therefore parab olic. The parameter p is determined by equation ( 1 . 5 -7). Sec. 53374 106 ft 2 43. 06748 106 ft 7087. 8n. m i . amr iO. 8 n. m i . 9-2 Escape traj e ctory for example problem "" 38 TWO-BO DY O R B I T A L M E C H A N I CS Ch .

This is most easily done by annexing as a subscript the astronomer 's symbol for the sun, earth, or other planet. The most commonly used symb ols are : 0 « � � E9 if The Sun The Moon Mercury Venus The Earth Mars '2\. Jupiter Saturn Uranus tV Neptune E Pluto 11 a The concept of the reference orbit is illustrated in Figure 1 . 1 1 - 1 . Values for the commonly used astrodynamic constants and their relationship to canonical units are listed in the appendices. EXAMPLE PROBLEM. 046284 x 1 07 ft above the earth traveling at 2 .

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