Fuel Cell Handbook by R. P. Engleman, D.B. Stauffer, J.H. Hirschenhoffer

By R. P. Engleman, D.B. Stauffer, J.H. Hirschenhoffer

J.H. Hirschenhoffer, D.B. Stauffer, R. P. Engleman, Gilbert/Commonwealth, Inc. for Morgantown power expertise middle

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9, pp. 1003-1013. 15. Shanyavskii AA (1996) Development of semi-elliptic fatigue cracks in AK6 aluminum alloy under biaxial loading. Fatigue Fract. Engng Mater. , no. 12, pp. 1445-1458. 16. F. (1997) Fracture surface development in an overloaded D16T AI-alloy subjected to biaxial loading. A fractographic analysis. Fatigue Fract. Engng Mater. , no. 2, pp. 151-166. 17. v. (1985) Sructurallevels of the deformation of solids. Novosibirsk, Nauka (in Russian). 18. Elber W. - ASTM STP 486, pp. 230-242.

The crack-growth behavior of a material subjected to block-type irregular loading can be described in the terms of the general equations of synergetics. The equations will keep unchanged unless the crack-growth mechanism is altered. Yet the description of a system evolution must be modified according to the change in the behavior of the ruling parameter. As concerns the first ruling parameter, the above concept can be illustrated with the use of the following equations 28 q= q, where ai = (5) In Eq.

While, in fact, Hertz had shown that, in the case of smooth spheres, the real contact area Ar is related to the normal load F by a nonlinear relation (Ar - F2/3 ), Amonton's law stated the direct proportionality between frictional force and normal load (T = IlF). By means of a hierarchical model of hertzian spheres with progressively decreasing radius, Archard obtained the linear behaviour (Ar - F) requested by the experimental evidence. Although the classical Hertz solution would yield, for each sphere, a nonlinear dependence, the Archard's hierarchical assembly globally provides linearity in the limit of sphere radius tending to zero (Fig.

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