Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links, Zone Plate Lenses and by Hristo D. Hristov

By Hristo D. Hristov

A survey of Fresnel zones in microwave/millimeter-wave electromagnetics, this paintings covers idea, layout and useful purposes. It contains a unique description of the applying of Fresnel zones to microwave instant conversation hyperlinks in addition to an outline of the state of the art in newly created quarter plate lens and antenna applied sciences. It additionally includes an outline of the fundamental electromagnetic equations for time harmonic fields, and a therapy of the Fresnel-Kirchoff diffraction thought. This source might actually help the reader to appreciate Fresnel zones, region plate units and their sensible makes use of, specifically the research and layout of microwave verbal exchange hyperlinks, Fresnel sector antennas for DBS, Fresnel area plate lenses for radio telescopes, and conformal curvilinear region plate antennas.

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6 Matrix Analysis of Plane Wave Transmission Through Dielectric Plates In this section the interface region between two dielectric media is represented by a two-port network and transmission matrix equation. Similarly, the multilayer dielectric plate is considered as a number of two-port networks connected in series. A generalized matrix equation relating the incident, transmitted, and reflected waves in the multilayer place finally results. 1 Analogy Between Dielectric Media and Transmission lines The propagation of a plane wave in a homogeneous medium is analogous to the wave propagation along a uniform transmission line.

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For a normal incidence the reflection and transmission process does not depend on the incident wave polarization. In case 2, with interference in multiple reflection and transmission by dielectric slab, we will consider a very popular scheme of producing an infinite number of mutually coherent waves by division of amplitude. 9). The total reflected and transmitted fields in this case are found as the infinite sum of the partial field contributions due to the process of multiple internal reflections.

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