Flowering Plants · Monocotyledons: Lilianae (except by H.-J. Tillich (auth.), Professor Dr. Klaus Kubitzki (eds.)

By H.-J. Tillich (auth.), Professor Dr. Klaus Kubitzki (eds.)

When Rolf Dahlgren and that i launched into getting ready this e-book sequence, Rolf took top accountability for monocotyledons, which had him for a very long time. After completing his comparative learn and family members type of the mono cots, he committed a lot power to the purchase and enhancing of family members remedies for the current sequence. After his premature demise, Peter Goldblatt, who had labored with him, persisted to address additional incoming monocot manuscripts till, within the early Nineties, his different tasks now not allowed him to proceed. at the moment, a few 30 manuscripts in numerous states of perfection had gathered, which appeared to shape an effective foundation for a quickly crowning glory of the FGVP monocots; apart from the grasses and orchids which might look in separate volumes. I felt a powerful legal responsibility to do every thing to aid in publishing the manuscripts that have been positioned into our palms. i eventually determined to take cost of them in my opinion, even though in the course of my existence as a botanist I had by no means heavily been drawn to mono cots.

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