Ferrocenes: Homogeneous Catalysis/Organic by Antonio Togni, Tamio Hayashi

By Antonio Togni, Tamio Hayashi

This publication captures the multidisciplinary nature of ferrocene learn. Well-referenced and written by means of major specialists within the box, it's a welcome resource of in-depth info for graduate scholars and pros in natural, organometallic, and polymer chemistry, in addition to in fabrics technology.

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These atomic and molecular motions appear to be related to the coordination modes of the ligand and to the metal geometry. In contrast to the unidentate and open-bridging dppf complexes, the chelates generally exhibit a greater extent of ring tilting but minimal divergence of the phosphorus atoms. 13 8, (Table 1-2). Other restrained systems like the doubly, quasi-closed and closed bridging complexes also exhibit similar tilts to those of the chelates. There is also evidence that Cp ring tilting is most marked among the square-planar chelates.

M. Draper, C. E. Housecroft, A. L. Rheingold, J. Organomet. Chem. 1992, 435, 9-20. diamine (TMEDA) [18, 191. In spite of its early discovery, the development of dppf chemistry took off in a significant way only in the 1980s. Since then, a multitude of dppf complexes has been synthesized (Table 1-1) and the conformational flexibilityand catalytic activity of dppf itself have been widely explored. Coordination complexes of dppf are generally prepared by the direct reaction of dppf with binary compounds [20, 211 or other primary forms of Lewis acids [22]..

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