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Markings f. Corrosion g. Coatings h. 1 FASTENER REQUIREMENTS FOR MIC LEVEL I APPLICATIONS. Level I is a designation for systems and components for which the Navy requires a high degree of assurance that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the installed materials meet the specified requirements. NAVSEA 0948-045-7010, Material Control Standard , establishes a material identification and control (MIC) program for systems and associated components designated as Level I. The Material Control Standard is designed to ensure that the correct material is installed in Level I systems and component installations aboard ship and that such material is traceable to records of objective quality evidence.

2 may be susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement failure if the fasteners are highly stressed in service and exposed to severely corroding conditions. For standardization purposes, the Defense Industrial Supply Center has been supplying Grade 8 bolts for several years in support of the following Military Standards for lower strength bolts: MS18153 MS35763 MS18154 MS35764 MS90725 The use of the Grade 8, zinc plated fasteners are subject to the following restrictions: 1. The fasteners shall not be used in applications where they would be subject to submergence, wet spaces, or the weather.

NAVSEA 0948-LP045-7010 Vol. 2, Material Control Standard, contains acid spot test procedures for most of the fastener alloys used in ships. 5 Manufacturer’s Markings. Fasteners are often marked with a manufacturer’s marking and in the future this may be a requirement for most fasteners. Manufacturer’s markings are listed in MIL-HDBK-57. 3 MIL-S-1222 FASTENERS. 1 BACKGROUND. MIL-S-1222 has been used to procure fasteners to a wide range of materials for use in ships. Unfortunately, the lack of part numbers for most fasteners to MIL-S-1222 prevents easy identification of the fasteners and significantly hinders logistic support.

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