Exodus to Shanghai: Stories of Escape from the Third Reich by S. Hochstadt

By S. Hochstadt

Of the 400,000 German-speaking Jews that escaped the 3rd Reich, approximately 16,000 ended up in Shanghai, China. This groundbreaking quantity gathers two decades of interviews with over a hundred former Shanghai refugees. It bargains a relocating collective portrait of braveness, tradition surprise, endurance, and enduring wish within the face of unbelievable hardships.

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But he didn’t stop smoking. He smoked secretly and openly, and he smoked more and more. We all were there and saw it. There wasn’t anything you could do. He died in ’24. And there my mother was with three kids, 12, 13 and 14. She made it, too. We had a good education, my mother saw to it. My brother Heinz, the older one, was already working, apprentice in a Kaufhaus [department store], which he hated. He was smarter than we did. He worked in a little town on the Weser in Germany, and already in 1933 they arrested quite some people there.

We left my sister behind, and my sister left that spring for the United States. It’s hard for Americans to realize that when the front doorbell rang, my daddy went out the back door. We were living in that much fear towards the end, just before we left. After we left Germany, my sister said the doorbell rang and a couple of SS soldiers were at the door. They asked for my papa, and she said he wasn’t there. And they asked her some questions, and she said, “For the first time in my life, I was frightened.

We went to countless consulates and embassies trying to get an entry visa into any country. My father, my brother, and I, we took turns to stand in line in front of a consulate. We’d stand in line from the evening before until the morning, nine o’clock when the consulate opened. On every consulate, there was a policeman out front, sometimes there was a storm trooper out front, sometimes it was a government official out there quote unquote “guarding” the consulate. He had acquired or assumed the responsibility of telling how many people could go in.

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