Europan 7 Norway. Competition cities of Europe

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IV 38 39 V V To Perfect Lovers: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, 2010. VI The Sand–The Americans: Robert Frank, 2011. Book, Plexiglas. 40 VI 41 I ANONYMOUS 42 II I @byleaveswelive (1/10), 2011. ” II @filmhouse (3/10), 2011. A sculpture was left at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse to celebrate a great venue, invaluable to those who also enjoy their books on the big screen. Over the course of eight months, from March to November of 2011, ten small book sculptures bearing tags “In support of libraries, books, words, and ideas” were smuggled into various cultural venues around Edinburgh.

Hyde” is crafted from Ian Rankin’s novel Hide and Seek, and two of Edinburgh’s literary sons are giving a nod to each other. IV @ntlmuseumsscot (9/10), 2011. It would be wrong of me to take credit for the idea of placing Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, complete with a T. rex, into Edinburgh’s National Museum. This I think came from photographer Chris Scott. It worked well. Dinosaurs are cool, and museums, like libraries, are free, fascinating, and beyond value. 45 V V, VI @beathhigh (11/10), 2011.

DOUG BEUBE II 55 III IV 56 III Disaster: Twisters: Twisted Borough, 2009. Yellow phone book pages. IV Ruffled Collar, 2004. Altered French to English dictionary. V Vest of Knowledge, 2008. Altered encyclopedia, fabric, vinyl, wire, metal, wax. V 57 VI 58 VI The Many Lives of Miss Chatelaine, 2008. Altered books, collage, sculpture, acrylic, ink, thread, paper, zippers. 59 SU BLACKWELL I I Pandora Opening Box, 2009. Secondhand book, lights, glass, wood box. II The Last Unicorn, 2012. Secondhand book, lights, glass, wood box.

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