Eternal Embers: A Dragon's Heat NovellaAn eSpecial from New by Tessa Adams

By Tessa Adams

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The first caverns were in sight now, the last moments of her reprieve almost over. Her stomach clenched with nervousness and shame and her dragon roared, reacting to her upset. It was trying to defend her, but right now she wanted nothing from the beast, not even its protection. So she ignored it, slowed her pace and focused on what she was going to say to Dylan. As if there was anything she could say. She was totally out of—A movement near one of the outlying caves suddenly caught her eye and she felt everything inside of her freeze.

She turned back to Matthew, watched as his smile faded. She had the uncomfortable feeling that he could read her mind—or at least hear Logan talking to her. ” The word burst from her, and she didn’t know if it was her talking or her dragon. Or worse, if it was both of them. He smirked. ” Heat stung her cheeks, again, but she ignored it, did her best to inject as much hard-ass as she could into her voice. “This is private property. ” he asked, an amused edge to his voice. ” A frisson of fear worked its way down her spine at the easy way he had twice now referred to dragons.

It was strangely exhilarating to stand this close to her, to see again all the pent up cravings that lived inside of her. Even her anger was passionate. ” She moved even closer, until her face was a mere inch from his. Like most of her kind, she was tall and he remembered liking the fact that her eyes were on the same level of his, that she didn’t need to look up at him to make eye contact. Or strain her neck when he’d kissed her. She’d tasted like cherries and vanilla—dark and sweet and just a little bit dangerous.

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