Essentials of Medical Microbiology by Rajesh Bhatia;R. L. Ichhpujani

By Rajesh Bhatia;R. L. Ichhpujani

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Usually the granules represent accumulated food reserves. Table 3–9. Cytoplasmic granules in bacteria Nature of granules Examples of bacteria Glycogen Poly-beta hydroxy butyrate Enteric bacteria Bacillus Pseudomonas Corynebacterium Yersinia pestis Babes-Ernst Nuclear Apparatus Polyamines The bacterial genome consists of single molecule of double stranded DNA arranged in a circular form which may open under certain conditions to form a long chain of around 1,000 μm. The bacterial chromosome replicates by single fission.

Cannot grow without oxygen is obligate aerobe. Most fungi, protozoa and many bacteria such as genus bacillus are strictly aerobic in their metabolism. Microaerophile does not grow at normal atmospheric tensions, but requires a small amount of oxygen in metabolism. Examples: Actinomyces israelii and Treponema pallidum. Facultative anaerobe is an aerobic organism capable of growth in the absence of oxygen—that is O2 is not absolutely required for its metabolism. The examples are enteric bacilli and staphylococci.

2. Agents which interact with DNA and its secondary structure producing local distortions in the helix thus Ames Test It is used to test whether a particular substance can induce mutations or not. Special strains of Salmonella that have lost their ability to synthesize amino acid histidine are used in this test. These strains easily undergo another mutation that restores their ability to synthesize histidine. Ames test is based on the hypothesis that if a substance is a mutagen, it will increase the rate at which these organisms revert to histidine synthesizers (Fig.

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