ESD Protection Device and Circuit Design for Advanced CMOS by Oleg Semenov

By Oleg Semenov

ESD defense gadget and Circuit layout for complicated CMOS applied sciences is meant for working towards engineers operating within the components of circuit layout, VLSI reliability and trying out domain names. because the difficulties linked to ESD disasters and yield losses develop into major within the sleek semiconductor undefined, the call for for graduates with a simple wisdom of ESD is usually expanding. at the present time, there's a major call for to coach the circuits layout and reliability groups on ESD concerns. This publication attempts to handle the ESD layout and implementation in a scientific demeanour. A layout process related to gadget simulators in addition to circuit simulator is hired to optimize machine and circuit parameters for optimum ESD in addition to circuit functionality. this system, defined in ESD safeguard equipment and Circuit layout for complex CMOS applied sciences has led to numerous profitable ESD circuit layout with first-class silicon effects and demonstrates its strengths.

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Therefore, depending on the polarity of electrostatic charge and the discharge path, four possible zapping modes exist for an ESD event [2]. These modes are called PS-mode, NS-mode, PDmode and ND-mode and are shown in Figure 2-1. The PS (NS) mode refers to the situation when a positive (negative) ESD voltage is applied to the DUT and the ESD current discharges through the VSS pin: (i) the PS mode is the case when a positive ESD voltage is applied for a pin with the VSS pin is grounded and the VDD pin and other pins are floating; (ii) the NS mode ESD Models and Test Methods 23 describes the case when a negative ESD voltage applied for a pin with the VSS pin is grounded, while the VDD pin and other pins are floating.

Zezulka, “ESD basics,” 1993 EOS/ESD Symposium, Tutorial Notes, pp. A-1–A-28, 1993. [10] I. A. Metwally, “Factors affecting corona on twin-point gaps under dc and ac HV,” IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 544–553, 1996. [11] M. A. Kelly, G. E. Servais, and T. V. Pfaffenbach, “An investigation of human body electrostatic discharge,” Int. Symp. for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA), pp. 167– 173, 1993. 1, 1993. [13] JEDEC STANDARD, Electrostatic discharge sensitivity testing machine model, JESD22-A114-A, 1998.

The typical non-self protecting scheme for power technologies is based on ESD high-voltage MOSFETs, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) devices and bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). This chapter is focused on the analyzing of ESD robustness of different power ESD protection devices used for smart power applications, its latch-up immunity and layout issues. ESD related issues of RF CMOS circuits are covered in Chapter 8. Nowadays, the design of modern high-performance high speed and analog RF circuits leaves very small design window for direct implementation of the ESD protection elements due to the high sensitivity of the core RF circuits to even a small parasitics and the generally increased device susceptibility to ESD stress with the CMOS technology downscaling.

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