Escobar VS Cali. The War of the Cartels by Ron Chepesiuk

By Ron Chepesiuk

In the Nineteen Eighties, Colombia was once the scene of historical past s largest gang warfare. The epic demise fight pitted Pablo Escobar, the so known as world's maximum outlaw, opposed to the strong Cali Cartel, led by way of the brothers Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela. The warfare left millions of Colombians lifeless and spawned the time period, narcoterrorism. Who received Pablo Escobar and the way did the battle play out? writer, Ron Chepesiuk takes the reader backstage of the warfare to the loss of life and investigates a gangland secret.

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Rodriguez had also bought personal items for Gonzalo Paz, the dean of the university. One newspaper reported that Gilberto began working for a drugstore at age thirteen, delivering legal drugs to customers. Younger brother Miguel also worked in a drugstore as a youngster. A decade later, Gilberto would become famous in Colombia as the owner of a chain of drugstores known as Drogas La Rebaja. The Rodriguez brothers reportedly began their life of crime as teenagers, and quite early in life they exhibited the leadership qualities that would carry them to the top of the criminal world; not least, it seems, a propensity for violence.

In recognition of his value to the Cali cartel, Herrera was made a member of its “board of directors,” and he proved invaluable to his associates by using his contacts to help open up Mexico. Pablo Escobar was arrogant and a bully, while Herrera was stubborn and tough. They came to hate each other over what would seem like a trivial matter: a dispute over a worker for one of Escobar’s New York distributors. While in prison during the early 1980s, Herrera had befriended a Colombian named Pina, a worker for Jaime Pabon, who was a major cocaine distributor for Escobar.

Known as “Chepe” to his associates and pursuers, he was the most violent of three founders. He was also known as “El Gordo” – the fat man – for his love of food. Chepe became invaluable as coordinator of the cartel’s international cocaine transportation network. The DEA published a “most wanted” photo of him in the early 1980s, when he was a fugitive. He wore a beard and looked like a dead ringer for Franco Harris, the great Pittsburgh Steelers running back of the 1970s. S. in 1983 after a getting started in short prison term and negotiated an arrangement with the cartel founders over supply and distribution rights, which allowed him to build a base in New York City.

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