Environmental Science Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide by Linda Williams

By Linda Williams

This can be the suitable self-teaching consultant for an individual drawn to simple earth composition and improvement of the ever-changing nature of our planet. the writer covers a big selection of issues together with: surroundings, water, international warming, atmospheric differentiation, geomorphology, glaciers, erosion, carbon courting, acid rain, and lots more and plenty extra. It contains real-world examples, environmental notes, advice, clinical information, and overseas developments.

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When this happens, a species is said to be endangered. Table 2-1 lists the top species in the world on the World Wildlife Fund’s Endangered Species List. Table 2-1 Endangered species. Giant pandas Atlantic salmon Tigers Pikas Whales Polar bears Dolphins Snow leopards Coral Rhinos Marine turtles Elephants Great apes Common sturgeon 25 26 PART ONE Atmosphere Endangered species are those species threatened with extinction (like the Florida panther and the California condor). Sometimes habitat loss is so severe or happens so quickly that it results in a species being eliminated from the planet.

Of species No. of species No. of evaluated threatened (2004) species (2004) Mammals 5,416 4,853 1,101 Birds 9,917 9,917 1,213 Reptiles 8,163 499 304 Amphibians 5,743 5,743 1,770 Fishes 28,500 1,721 800 Insects 950,000 771 559 Mollusks 70,000 2,163 974 Crustaceans 40,000 498 429 Others 130,200 55 30 Mosses 15,000 93 80 Ferns 13,025 210 140 980 907 305 199,350 9,473 7,025 Monocotyledons 59,300 1,141 771 Lichens 10,000 2 2 TOTAL 1,545,594 38,046 15,503 Gymnosperms Dicotyledons Wetlands One area that contains diverse populations is the nation’s wetlands.

Look back to Fig. 1-1 to see the elemental makeup of the core. Earthquake wave measurements have suggested that the outer core is fluid and made of iron, while the inner core is solid iron and nickel. The solid center, under extremely high pressure, is unable to flow at all. MAGNETISM The earth acts as a giant magnet with lines of north/south magnetic force looping from the North Pole to the South Pole. Ancient sailors noticed and used this magnetism to chart and steer a course. The magnetic field around the earth is formed by the rotation of the inner core as a solid ball, the different currents in the liquid outer core, and the much slower movement of the mantle.

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