English Online: The Funny Side, Intermediate 3 by Naomi Galinsky-Kloot; Rosally Saltsman

By Naomi Galinsky-Kloot; Rosally Saltsman

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S. Reinert a­ gricultural economies, not in places like Venice, Holland, and England. Colbert’s insight had been similar, and he actively sought to better France’s subsistence through the active encouragement of infrastructure and manufacturing industries, from textiles to glass and metals. 21 To understand why his policies were successful, one must look at the differential capacities of ­economic activities to produce wealth. What from a long-term perspective may look as relatively smooth curves of economic development are in reality is the result of explosive productivity changes in a small number of industries.

5 As such, there existed a clear tension between the enlightened ideals of international travel – education, toleration, and cultural commerce – and it is often more insidious aims of espionage and emulation. ” On the one hand there was Britain, to which travelers usually were drawn by the marvels of modernity, by Lunar Clubs and industrial furnaces, by shipyards and experimental technologies. On the other hand there was Italy, offering art, culture, climate, and the abiding lure of antiquity. 8 There is, of course, a grain of truth in this.

138–161. 8 George B. Parks, “The Decline and Fall of the English Renaissance Admiration of Italy,” The Huntington Library Quarterly, vol. 31, no. 4, 1968, pp. 341–357, especially p. 356; Franco Venturi, “L’Italia fuori d’Italia,” in Storia d’Italia, vol. III: Dal primo Settecento all’Unità, eds. Ruggiero Romano and Corrado Vivanti, Turin: Einaudi, 1973, 987–1481, pp. 1070–1071; Jeremy Black, Italy and the Grand Tour, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003, pp. 3, 7, 14. On Birmingham and industrial espionage there, see Peter M.

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