Englisch für Ingenieure by Kurt Hingkeldey (auth.)

By Kurt Hingkeldey (auth.)

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1. The Deflection Formula A straight beam with a symmetrical cross section, as shown in Fig. 64, is subjected to a bending moment which acts in the plane of symmetry of the beam. The bending moment is assumed to be pure, i. e. there are no shearing stresses in any cross section. In this case the cross sections in the beam remain plane during the bending action.

The principle of superposition states that the effect of a number of agents in a linear system acting at the same time is equal to the vector sum of the \\ / Fig. 1. Statics of Rigid Bodies single effects produced by each agent acting separately. According to this principle the reactions A and B may be found as a vector sum of the reactions Ai and Bl produced by the force Fl and the reactions A2 and B2 produced by the force F2 • The force acting at the hinge is found from the condition that one portion of the three-hinged arc must be in equilibrium by itself, as demonstrated in Fig.

60 Curves of a creep test stress pulsates between two limiting values, as represented in Fig. 61. If the stress pulsates between a tensile and a compressive stress of unequal values, the stress is called "partly reversed stress". There are two special cases of alternating stresses: the" completely reversed stress" in which the stress pulsates between a tensile and a compressive 3. Strength of Materials 52 stress of equal value, the mean value of stress in this case being zero, and the stress alternating between zero and a maximum value, the mean stress in this case being one half the maximum stress.

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