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Subsequently the cap structure serves as substrate for several methylation reactions. Invariantly, in a first step, a methyl group is added to position N7 of the extra GMP resulting in a 7-methylguanosine (m7 G) * nucleotide. Typically, the original start nucleotide is then methylated at the 2 hydroxyl, resulting in a 2 -O-methyl group. Further methylation may occur at position N6, in the case that the start nucleotide is an adenine. In some species, 2 -O-methylation is also found at the third nucleotide of a capped mRNA.

Bistable RNA RNA with two alternative * secondary structures that coexist in a monomolecular thermodynamic equilibrium. g. nitrocellulose, polyvinylidenefluoride or nylon) by pressure, capillary power or by an electric field. In molecular biology and genetics, the blotting technique is used for the specific recognition and quantification of a desired DNA or RNA sequence by * hybridization with a DNA or RNA probe of known * sequence or for the recognition of specific proteins by binding with an antibody targeting the desired protein.

The distance of the migration start and end defines the length of this heteroduplex. It also appears during the process of * DNA replication, where the parent DNA duplex branches out into two * double-stranded DNA daughter duplexes. There are also many cases reported of branch migration occurring in * RNA structures, especially during processes like folding of * ribosomal RNA or * splicing. SLAWOMIR GWIAZDA branch point →branch site branch site Site where a regular nucleic acid structure is split.

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