Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (2nd Edition) by Benjamin Caballero

By Benjamin Caballero

The present prestige of human meals is obviously summarized during this three-volume set. The editorial board and the individuals are hugely revered teachers and working towards nutritionists from around the globe. subject insurance is broad, starting from meals regulations in constructing international locations to being pregnant and steatorrhea. each one access levels from 4 to forty eight pages in size and encompasses a record of contents, references to similar articles, and recommendations for additional analyzing. The meant readership is scholars, researchers, physicians, social staff, and nutritionists, however the writing is such that the paintings is out there to the lay reader. An further function is a web-accessible digital model, that is to be had to libraries at a minimum each year price and will be IP limited for faculties and universities (that is, the net web page appears on the numerical net handle of the pc logging to the internet web page to ensure it's approved to log in). the most obstacle is the excessive expense, which places the set out of the achieve of such a lot public and small collage libraries. they might as a substitute are looking to examine David Bender's meals: A Reference instruction manual (Oxford Univ., 1996). instructed for scientific, collage, and big university and public libraries.AEric D. Albright, Duke scientific Ctr. Lib., Durham, NC

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Adipose tissue has also been identified as a source of production of factors with immunological properties participating in immunity and stress responses, as is the case for ASP (acylation-simulating protein) and metallothionein. More recently, the pivotal role of adipocyte-derived factors in cardiovascular function control such as angiotensinogen, adiponectin, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor  angiopoietin related protein/fasting-induced adipose factor (PGAR/FIAF), and C-reactive protein (CRP) has been established.

The exact nature and control of this complex cross-talk has not been fully elucidated and represents an exciting research topic. Abbreviations ACRP30/apM1/ GBP28 ADD1/SREBP-1C ALBP/FABP4/aP2 apoE ASP ATP cAMP CD36 C/EBPs CETP CRP CSF ECM EGF FFA FGF GH GLP-1 GLUT4 HDL HGF HSL IGF IL IL-1Ra LDL LIF LPL MCP-1 MCSF MIF MIP-1 adipocyte complement-related protein of 30 kDa/adipose most abundant gene transcript 1/gelatin-binding protein 28 adipocyte determination and differentiation factor-1/sterol regulatory element binding protein-1c adipocyte fatty acid binding protein apolipoprotein E acylation-stimulating protein adenosine triphosphate cyclic adenosin monophosphate fatty acid translocase CCAAT/enhancer binding proteins cholesteryl ester transfer protein C-reactive protein colony-stimulating factor extracellular matrix epidermal growth factor free fatty acids fibroblast growth factor growth hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 glucose transporter type 4 high density lipoprotein hepatocyte growth factor hormone-sensitive lipase insulin-like growth factor interleukin interleukin-1 receptor antagonist low density lipoprotein leukemia inhibitory factor lipoprotein lipase monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 macrophage colony stimulating factor macrophage migration inhibitory factor macrophage inflammatory protein-1 14 ADIPOSE TISSUE NGF NO NPY-Y1 & -Y5 OB-R PAI-1 PDGF PGAR/FIAF PGC-1 PGE2 PGF2 PGI2 PPAR Pref-1 RAR RBP RXR SAA3 T3 TGF- TNF- UCP VAP-1/SSAO VEGF VLDL WAT 1- & 2-AR  1-,  2- & 3-AR nerve growth factor nitric oxide neuropeptide receptors Y-1 & -5 leptin receptor plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 platelet-derived growth factor peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor angiopoietin related protein/fasting-induced adipose factor peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor- coactivator-1 prostaglandin E2 prostaglandin F2 prostacyclin peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor preadipocyte factor-1 retinoic acid receptor retinol binding protein retinoid x receptor serum amyloid A3 triiodothyronine transforming growth factor- tumor necrosis factor- uncoupling protein vascular adhesion protein-1/ semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase vascular endothelial growth factor very low density lipoprotein white adipose tissue 1- & 2-adrenergic receptors  1-,  2- &  3 adrenergic receptors See also: Cholesterol: Sources, Absorption, Function and Metabolism; Factors Determining Blood Levels.

International Journal of Obesity 27: 875–888. Fried SK and Ross RR (2004) Biology of visceral adipose tissue. ) Handbook of Obesity. Etiology and Pathophysiology, 2nd edn, pp. 589–614. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. Fru¨hbeck G (2004) The adipose tissue as a source of vasoactive factors. Current Medicinal Chemistry (Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents) 2: 197–208. Fru¨hbeck G and Go´mez-Ambrosi J (2003) Control of body weight: a physiologic and transgenic perspective. Diabetologia 46: 143–172.

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