Encyclopedia of Energy Volume III (Encyclopedia of Energy by Robert U Ayres, Robert Costanza, Jose Goldemberg, Marija D

By Robert U Ayres, Robert Costanza, Jose Goldemberg, Marija D Ilic, Eberhard Jochem, Robert Kaufmann, Amory B Lovins, Mohan Munasinghe, R K Pachauri, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, Per Peterson, Lee Schipper, Margaret Slade, Vaclav Smil, Ernst Worrell, Cutler J. C

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The NAMEA can thus be seen as a PIOT linked to a monetary input-output table with some further supplementary indicators for selected environmental policy themes. 3 SEEA: Integrating Physical and Monetary Accounts Physical accounts do not have the integrative power of the monetary national accounts. Weighting Green Accounting and Energy 49 TABLE II Simplified Structure of a NAMEA Monetary accounts Use Supply Products Industries 1, 2, . . ) Balances Transboundary pollutants to ROW Income generation Value added, NDP Rest of the world Imports (ROW) Capital transfer to ROW Material flows (residuals, natural resources) Contributions to Transboundary pollutants to policy themes, ROW loss of natural resources Natural resource inputs Contributions to policy themes, loss of natural resources Source.

Calculating ratios of resource productivity (GDP/TMR) or ecoefficiency (environmental impacts per GDP) is the most one can do to relate physical impacts to economic output. Monetary valuation appears to be the only possibility of fully integrating environmental concerns into the economic accounting system while ensuring consistency and comparability of ‘‘greened’’ with conventional economic indicators. Pricing ‘‘priceless’’ environmental source and sink functions that are not traded in markets has its own problems.

Here are possible answers to the question: 1. The fuel burned 2. Plus the energy to extract, refine, and transport the fuel 3. Plus the energy to manufacture the car (prorated to 1 mile’s use) 4. Plus the energy to produce tires, replacement parts, etc. 5. Plus the energy to build and maintain roads. 6. Plus the energy to maintain auto repair shops, government regulation and registration services, etc. 7. Plus the energy to produce and maintain that portion of the health system used to care for accident victims and sufferers of auto-related health problems.

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