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The axon is a long tube (up to 1 m in humans), sometimes covered by Apical dendrites Excitatory terminal fiber of an axon Inhibitory terminal fiber of an axon Nucleus Perikaryon Cell body Basal dendrites Axon (initial segment) Axon hillock Presynaptic cell Node of Ranvier Myelin sheath Axon Presynaptic terminal Terminal Synaptic cleft Dendrite Postsynaptic dendrite Postsynaptic cells 54 Fig. 1 Schematic view of the morphology of a typical neuron and its functional regions [2]. 2 Brief Summary of Electronic Signal Transduction in the Neural System an insulating myelin sheath, which is regularly interrupted by the so-called nodes of Ranvier in which almost all of the ion channels (see the following text) are located.

7, 18], a recent example (testing of cannabinoid agonists) can be found in Ref. [19]. Although still at an experimental stage, instruments for extracellular recording are commercially available [20–22]. Reported applications are fundamental aspects of cell networks [23], as well as pharmacological [18, 19] and toxicological response studies [18, 24], qualitative [7, 8], and even quantitative biosensing purposes if artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used to evaluate the data from the natural neural network [25, 26].

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