Encyclopaedia of Sacred Sexuality: From Aphrodisiacs and by Rufus C. Camphausen

By Rufus C. Camphausen

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From tribal Assamese and Dravidian worshippers of the Goddess to the highly advanced civilization along the rivers AFtSEN IC SEE "MENST ft U AL FLU ID, "YONIMAN DALA Indus and * Sarasvati. Along came, so goes the theory, an iron-based people from the northwest, people with patriar­ ARTEMIS SEE 'EPH ESIAN AftTEMIS chal concepts who invaded and began to dominate Indian life , for example, creating the caste system that made indige­ A FtYAN INVASION THEOFtY 14 nous peoples second- and third-class citizens.

Ti l E E N C Y C L O P E D I A O F S A C R. E D S E X U A L I TY 23 NOTE: The inro! mation on bird nest soup is based on Wemer the novel La-Bas by j. K. Huysmans ( 1848- 1 907) The book Fends 1989 television documentary Die Nestrauber van Borneo describes a black mass in detail. (see the bibliography). AK Great Goddess once in her life and become, temporarily, a BLOOD ritual prostitute. Dressed in her finest clothes, such a Blood, of course , has been feared, honored, spilled, magi­ woman had to wait in the temple for a passing stranger who cally used, and declared sacred in all cultures and religions.

The name Bit­ force. Shagatha translates as "place of union. " Especially interesting to our topic is the fact that many of Similar rules and customs were observed in various ways the *flowers and plants that are symbolically associated in many Near Eastern cultures, often before or at a time of with eros, and even some * aphrodisiacs, are said to have marriage. In Cyprus as well as in Lydia and Armenia, every sprung from the blood of one or another deity. Like the red girl or woman was under the obligation to become a tem­ *rose, which is supposed to have grown from the blood of porary prostitute before she married, and the rule applied to Christ, so the *violet comes from * Attis, the * pomegranate members of all levels of society, including the nobility.

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