Encyclopaedia Judaica (Gos-Hep) by Fred Skolnik

By Fred Skolnik

V. 1. Aa-Alp -- v. 2. Alr-Az -- v. three. Ba-Blo -- v. four. Blu-Cof -- v. five. Coh-Doz -- v. 6. Dr-Feu -- v. 7. Fey-Gor -- v. eight. Gos-Hep -- v. nine. Her-Int -- v. 10. Inz-Iz -- v. eleven. Ja-Kas -- v. 12. Kat-Lie -- v. thirteen. Lif-Mek -- v. 14. Mel-Nas -- v. 15. Nat-Per -- v. sixteen. Pes-Qu -- v. 17 Ra-Sam -- v. 18. San-Sol -- v. 19. Som-Tn -- v. 20. To-Wei -- v. 21. Wei-Zy -- v. 22. Thematic define and index

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M. V. [Bernhard Blumenkranz] °GRATTENAUER, KARL WILHELM FRIEDRICH (1770– 1838), German antisemitic pamphleteer. ” In another of his widely circulated tracts attempting to rouse public opinion against Jewish emancipation Wider die Juden (1803, running into five editions), Grattenauer suggested that the Berliners remove Moses *Mendelssohn’s bust and replace it with Voltaire’s. Following in the wake of the latter’s allegedly rationalist arguments against the Jews, Grattenauer was among the first to introduce the concept of race, thus heralding a new and ominous tendency in antisemitism, based no longer on religious but on pseudoscientific grounds.

E. Schade, and F. ), Ghetto Writing (1999), 171–79 W. Huder, Alexander Granach und das jiddische Theater des Ostens (1971). [Gershon K. )] 31 granada GRANADA, city and province in Andalusia, S. Spain. According to tradition in the legends of Spanish Jewry, some of the Jews exiled by Nebuchadnezzar settled in Granada (Solomon ibn Verga, Shevet Yehudah, ed. by A. ” Even the Moors thought that the Jews had founded the city, which they called Garnat al-Yahud (“Granada of the Jews”). The earliest extant information on the Jewish community in Granada is that the garrison stationed in the city after its conquest by the Moors in 711 was composed of Jews and Moors.

A. A. Bel Bravo, El auto-de-fe de 1593 (1988); J. E. López de Coca Castañer, El reino de Granada en la época de los Reyes Católicos, vol. 1 (1989), 153–70; R. de Lera García, in: Inquisição (1990), 1087–1108; D. Gonzalo Maeso, Garnata al-yahud, Granada en la historia del judaísmo español (1990); F. García Ivars, La represión en el tribunal inquisitorial de Granada, 1550–1819 (1991). [Haim Beinart] GRANADA, GABRIEL DE (b. 1629), Marrano, arrested for Judaizing by the Inquisition in Mexico in 1642.

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