Elemental Moon - Necromancer Games (d20 System 3rd Edition by Lance Haxvermale, Andy Luke Crossness

By Lance Haxvermale, Andy Luke Crossness

As soon as every month while the moon vanishes from the sky, darkish horrors emerge from underground to renew their never-ending attack upon the skin international. Too usually has the beleaguered city of Rookfast suffered this savage destiny - now they need to flip to a band of heroes for deliverance, or be destroyed. even if burned via fireplace or drowned through water, the heroes needs to locate the mettle to get well a couple of sacred components, and in so doing deliver salvation to a city earlier than the following disappearance of the moon. Designed for characters of 12th-14th point, Elemental Moon includes a full-length experience that may be custom-made for any fable crusade, with dozens of latest magic goods, deities, and monsters don t leave out it!

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Dwarves, Street In appearance street dwarves differ very little from one city to the next, being slightly thinner than mountain dwarves and normally more agile. Their beards are usually shorter than those of mountain dwarves, trimmed closer to the chin. In the case of wealthy street dwarves, beards are well groomed and styled. Street dwarf dress reflects the social caste and climate to which they belong. Unlike the classic mountain dwarf, the street dwarf has as his ancestors an exile band known to historians as Gilyo’s Brigade.

A door at the end of the entry hall hangs slightly ajar. The floor in the entryway is dangerously unstable due to the water seepage; each character that crosses must have a DC 15 Reflex save or fall through into the dark cellar below, taking 2d6 points of damage as they crash through the rusty nail-dotted beams and jagged flagstones. Within the mire in the sub floor are countless leeches and other infestations, which may cause the PCs whatever type of torment and disease you deem appropriate. 39 chapter tHREE: CITY OF THE DROWNED BLASPHEMER 2.

The ruin here looks less like the slow work of water and more like the room was torn apart in a rage. Despite the destruction, a few glittering silver tubes can be seen scattered around the ruined books. Pzhcnual destroyed this room in his final hour in a mad attempt to find some sort of way to ward off the destruction of his city that was being wrought by the primal water. Finding no recourse, he fled to this chamber just underneath the top of the tower. The silver scroll tubes among the ruin are a series of traps that Pzhcnual left for anyone who managed to enter this room unwelcome.

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